Romantic and fascinating

Procida is the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples but offers for both sightseeing and palate. It is also called the island of fishermen because it has preserved over time, the charm of a land devoted to fishing. Combination of ancient traditions and authenticity, history and works of art, numerous houses set and colored to look like paintings, crystal clear sea, cliffs, small beaches and above all the warm hospitality of the locals. The island of Procida is very suggestive and it is ideal for those who want to spend a weekend or just a day at the beach for relaxation, wellness and discovering the enchanting beauty that it offers. The beach of Chiaiolella is the one with the most beautiful sunset, to be enjoyed at aperitif time.

The colorful houses to allow sailors to find their way home, are one of the many attractions of a magical island rich in history.

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