A dream with your eyes wide open

The Pearl of the Amalfi Coast is Positano. It is located on the border of the Sorrento Peninsula: meaning that when visiting this little town, you can also visit all the other beauties that this area offers. Every year, this small village attracts, with its particular composition of rocks that characterizes its harbor and its colorful houses, the lovers of the sea from every corner of the world. Positano, the small pearl of the Amalfi coast, can be reached by boat, and you can let yourself be pampered by the rocking of the waves with an enchanting panorama.

This magic place offers sunsets over the sea unlike any other, the breathtaking panorama of the Gulf and well-equipped beaches.

After docking the boat in the natural harbor, you can walk and visit the historical center of Positano, enjoying a pleasant stroll through the romantic streets of the center and a lunch (or dinner) in one of the typical restaurants of the area. After great food and a look at historical monuments, you won’t even have time to get bored. Positano, as well as the entire Amalfi Coast, has a few beaches created over time from the large rocky ridges but which offer unique views that meet the tastes of even the most demanding tourists. Among the most sought-after coastal destinations and where the air of the economic boom of the seventies is still alive, Positano has enchanting beaches. For those who love small and reserved beaches, Laurito (easily reached via a small flight of stairs in front of the small square, in front of San Pietro) and Fornillo, (reachable by walking a few minutes from the center of Positano) are great choices. A staircase leads to the beach that is loved most by the sun (thanks to its position), and in fact, has a very late sunset. Crystal clear waters along with the colors of the Mediterranean that circulate the rocky ridges is also the beach of Marina Grande with over 300 meters of beach particularly loved by the people of Positano, with its colorful village behind that is found near Li Galli islands.

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