The green island

Among the enchanting islands that enclose the gulf of Naples in a circle, Ischia is not only the largest but also the most varied due to the many and continuous discoveries it reserves for those who really want to get to know it. This island enjoys one of the most privileged geographic locations in the world and is one of the most favored places in terms of climate. You can find wide and sunny beaches with restful pine forests in the countryside as well as its beautiful green hills.

A place to meet and enjoy contact with nature, in a nutshell: Ischia!

The island of Ischia, of volcanic origin, contains “gold mines” in its subsoil, as Strabone had already affirmed, for the extraordinary curative effectiveness of its eight thermo-mineral basins and it’s even more numerous springs, stoves, fumaroles and arenas. In addition to breathing the balmy air of a vast and beautiful pine forests, the most important monument of the whole island that is connected by a bridge and rises from the sea: the Aragonese Castle. Casamicciola Terme, on the other hand, lies on the northern coast of the island, partly on the sea and partly on the green hills behind. Beyond Casamicciola, continuing along the beautiful coast road, we meet Lacco Ameno. On the right, the sea looks like a large lake, where a singularly shaped rock – the well-known “mushroom” – gives the visitor the warning that it has reached its goal. Lacco Ameno boasts the most famous thermal waters. Due to their characteristics and the exceptional qualities of the climate, this charming island center now has a high quality clientele, coming from all over the world. After this comes Forio, the most important center of the western part of the island since prehistoric times and from the time of the Romans, who exploited the thermo-mineral waters of the place, especially those of Citara. Exposed more than the other points of the island to the invasions, Forio boasts of sixteen coastal towers, more for defense than for single lookout, of which the most eminent is the “Tower” in the very heart of the town. Among the six municipalities of the island, Forio is the one that foreigners know and love the most “naturally”, for the beauty of its beaches, for the rich green colors, for a natural environment where beauty, history, tourism and poetry manage to get along.

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