The city of sun and sea

The Gulf of Naples is a wonderful bay along the Tyrrhenian Sea, with sixteen kilometers in width and 36 km long, lying south-west of the city of Naples. It borders Capo Miseno in the north side and Punta Campanella in the southernmost point. This fascinating area of southern Italy has always been famous for its beautiful landscapes formed by its volcanic hills, the threatening Vesuvius, the islands with the blue sea and the enchanting beaches.

The main attractions of the Gulf of Naples can be divided into three categories: the islands within the Gulf, the Ercolano ruins, Pompeii, Vesuvius and finally, the cities along the Amalfi Coast.

Gulf of Naples´ islands like Ischia, Capri and Procida offer tourists from all over the world a delightful and memorable experience with their hill villages, the characteristic narrow streets dotted with colorful facades, cafés, shops and enchanting beaches.

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